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Oil Tank Precision Tightness Testing

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The EZY 3 Locator Plus precision test involves creating a slight vacuum (negative pressure) within the tank and associated piping (system). The vacuum is created by first closing the far ends of the lines that are attached to the tank (e.g., fill, vent, supply and return lines), then gently drawing the air out from within the system using a pump. At no time does the vacuum applied to the tank exceed the normal operating levels of the tank system. If a hole or crack in the system is present, it will cause the vacuum to degrade which is then detected by both a very sensitive acoustic probe and signal processor, and a pressure monitoring device. The probe is installed in the “dry” portion of the tank – the area containing no oil – and is used to determine if the leak is above or below the liquid level. Leak(s) above the liquid level (called a dry leak) are detected as a “hissing” sound, while leak(s) below the liquid level (wet leak) are detected as a “bubbling” sound. A tank system fails a test when either of these sounds are detected as there is no “degree” of failure associated with this testing method.

Principle of Operation

  • New York State Department of Environmental Conservation Certification

  • New York City Fire Department Certification

  • Nassau County Fire Marshal Certification

  • Westchester County Health Department Permit

  • Yonkers Fire Department Permit

  • New Rochelle Fire Department License

  • Recognized by the EPA

Licensed and Certified

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shadow Oil tank inspection
  • Does not require the tank to be completely filled, the tank can be empty to 95% full

  • Test any petroleum product:

  • All grades of heating oil and diesel *

  • All grades of gasoline *

  • Motor oil, Waste oil and Transmission fuel *

  • Does not require a temperature stabilization period

  • Uses Vent, Stick line and/or Fill line to access tank

  • Non-invasive testing, virtually no risk of damaging the tank

  • Test can distinguish between tank and piping leaks

  • Produces test results in approximately one hour

  • Residential Testing in all Five Boroughs, Nassau, Suffolk, and Westchester Counties

  • Our technicians require access to the following:

  • A standard electrical outlet *

  • Vent caps *

  • Burner rooms for valving off or plugging oil lines; dispensers for gas tanks *

  • Licensed and Certified *

EZY 3 Locator Plus